The best eco friendly banks in the UK for 2021

Team Kindkoala, July 3, 2021

In 2020, Barclays provided $145 billion in fossil fuel financing, while HSBC put in $111 billion (

The largest banks rely on our money. Consumers can potentially apply pressure on them by shifting their cash away to banks that have environmentally-positive lending policies.

Triodos current account with a eco-friendly debit card

Sustainable current account

Triodos only funds projects and companies that are improving communities or the planet. They share the details of all the organizations they lend to on their website.

The Triodos current account is rated Ethical Consumer's Best Buy for Current Accounts. The account costs £3 a month with no hidden fees. Unlike most other banks, Triodos offers a biodegradable and recyclable Mastercard®.

Treecard's wooden debit card allows you to plant trees while you spend.

The debit card that plants trees

Spend and plant trees automatically? Treecard hasn't been released yet, but the waitlist is open! Powered by Ecosia, this wooden debit card and mobile banking experience could help consumers drive massive change.