Planet-friendly investing protects the earth and funds environmental innovations.

The best socially responsible investment apps

Team Kindkoala, July 21, 2021

Looking for an eco-friendly way to invest and grow your money?

These investment apps allow you to grow your wealth and support green companies and initiatives. They're simple to use and don't require maintenance either.

Typically, these services allocate your funds into the stocks and shares of a wide range of socially and environmentally driven companies, via ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

Tickr's mobile app with an investment plan overview

Impact investing made easy

Tickr's mobile app makes investing in planet-friendly companies effortless.

Simply make a deposit, choose your investment theme and risk level, and Tickr will put your money to work for you!

Wealthsimple's automated investing app maximizes your returns and also offers a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) feature.

Socially-responsible investing on autopilot

Wealthsimple automatically invests and maximizes returns for you.
They offer a standard investment product, which isn't specifically sustainable. But you can instead opt to build a socially-responsible investment (SRI) portfolio.

These are diversified across companies across the globe, and screen out oil, tobacco, weapons, and other potentially damaging investments. Instead, your investments are focused on clean energy, electric cars, plant meat companies, and other sustainable initiatives.